Sunday 10 December 2017



When selecting the best luggage for your travel and you are still having thoughts of buying which one. Selecting the type of luggage depends on the many factors like the purpose of the trip (business or leisure). At least you can consider how much items your will be carrying. Likewise, it includes your budget either selecting for the high priced branded or the cheap but fit for purpose type. Here are the points to consider when selecting which one.
  1. Dimension and weight of luggage - you will need to consider the wight and dimension of the luggage that you will be purchasing, either this will be a checked in baggage or hand carry if you will be flying. If this will be a short trip and with less items to bring, you might want to consider and bring a back pack or carry on for a lighter carry. Check with the airline in which you will be flying for the dimension and weight requirements before starting to pack.
  2. Soft or Hard luggage - when carrying fragile items, you might as well consider using the hard luggage in order to protect your breakable items. Hard luggage's are also a deterrent to theft during transit. Hard luggage which uses aluminum are light weight, but the downside would be that it is easier getting this scratched during its travels through the airport conveyor belts. Soft luggage's can be considered when you are carrying light and non fragile items.
  3. Number of wheels - There are still luggage's being sold with two wheels, but four wheeler's are easier to handle and offers more convenience during travels. With four wheels you can just push or pull the luggage easily through.
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