Friday 22 December 2017

When traveling we usually carry a lot of our gadgets from our mobile phones, cameras, tablets and Bluetooth speakers. This will require a lot of charging and when were traveling to different parts of the world, this may be quite a nightmare if we don't have the right travel adapters. Here are 5 of the Best Travel adapters for travelers.



The OREI 7 Travel adapter plug set is made up of seven piece set in a high quality case, the adapters are compatible with outlets in 150+ countries. The 7 piece set is comprised of -Type C - Europe, Type E/F - Germany, Type G - UK, Type D - India, Type M - S.Africa, Type B - USA, Type I - Australia. It is also designed with double ports in order to allow you to plug two devices at one time, this however does not convert voltage (REMINDER, Check for voltage requirements on the device).


The BESTEK travel adapter converts all countries voltage (100-240, 50/60Hz) to US voltage (110V.60Hz) and is ideal for charging a wide variety of electronic devices when traveling. The adapter charges seven devices at the same time with 6A output charging; 4 USB charging ports with a combined 6A outputs plus 3 AC ports. It comes with a compact carry bag ready for travel and 5 feet detachable power cable. 


The POWERJC includes one (1) Powerjc power converter, one (1) power cable, four (4) additional replaceable international plug adapters and  one (1) carrying bag. The power converter converts all countries voltage (110V-220V or 100-260V) step down to US voltage (110V), this makes charging your devices easy and safely when going abroad. Can be used when traveling to 150+ countries all over the world.


The Doace travel adapter and converter built in converter mode step down provides voltage step down from 220-240V to 100-120V 1875W which ensures safe use of electrical devices. It has surge protection and built in fuse to added safety.The DOACE universal world travel adapter can be used in 150+ countries around the world. This can be used for hair dryers, steam iron, electric kettle or small fans.


The IRON-M travel adapter can charge up to 3 Devices at the same time. It is compact and powerful having smart dual USB ports. This can be used in 150+ countries which has a 6.3A fuse to ensure safe use and protection.