Thursday 17 August 2023


As a globetrotter seeking seamless communication across diverse languages, you're about to discover a game-changing solution: CART, which stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation. This cutting-edge service has the power to convert spoken words into text in real time, revolutionizing your ability to understand different accents, learn new languages, and even provide a transcript of discussions. But that's not all – CART also offers a vital alternative for travelers who are deaf or hard of hearing, serving as a complement or substitute to sign language interpretation.

In this comprehensive blog post, we're diving into the top 5 CART services tailored for travelers. Each service is thoughtfully described, its specifications outlined, and its unique advantages highlighted.

1. Microsoft Teams CART Captions: A game-changer for online meetings and webinars. This feature enables meeting organizers to offer CART captioning instead of the built-in live captions. With human-generated accuracy, this service becomes a reliable companion for travelers attending virtual events in different languages.

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2. StreamText: A versatile platform connecting captioners and consumers. StreamText empowers captioners to stream text from their software to a web browser, allowing travelers to access captions from anywhere with an internet connection.

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3. TypeWell: Meaningful transcription that captures the essence. TypeWell offers clear and concise summaries of speech, making it perfect for travelers who prioritize grasping the main ideas over every detail. Supporting multiple languages and dialects, this service is adaptable to various linguistic needs.

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4. Verbit: The fusion of AI and human expertise. Verbit utilizes AI-driven speech recognition for real-time transcripts, which are then refined by professional transcribers. Supporting over 120 languages, this service is a go-to for travelers seeking speedy and accurate CART solutions.

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5. White Coat Captioning: Tailored expertise for STEM enthusiasts. Specializing in STEM events, this firm offers experienced captioners who excel in complex terminology. Whether on-site or remote, White Coat Captioning captures technical content accurately.

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These remarkable CART services are your passport to seamless communication across languages and settings. Whether you're engaging in international meetings, attending STEM events, or exploring the world, these tools ensure you won't miss a beat. We trust this blog post has equipped you with the knowledge needed to enhance your travel experience. Should you have any inquiries or thoughts, don't hesitate to share them below.